The 5th International AI Werewolf Competition Infrastructure Division

General Information

In the 5th International AI Werewolf Competition, we open an infrastructure division to evaluate the contribution to the development of AI Werewolf such as sample agents, libraries for making agents, alternative game servers, cool game viewers, etc.

Creations submited to this division will be evaluated by the participants and organizers of the AI Werewolf competition, and a vote will choose the best contribution of this year.


The results of voting by participants and organizers are shown in the table below.

Rank Name of Work Number of Votes
1 UTRAD Werewolf 7
2 AIWolf Analyze 3
3 aiwolf-python 1

The Best Contribution Award went to UTRAD Werewolf.

Reasons for voting for UTRAD Werewolf (excerpt)


Important Dates

Competition Entries